Time to Move

1 Mar

It’s time for change, time for a move.
I hope you’ll join me!
I’m heading over to geekyandsassy.blogspot.com
Where I’m starting my etsy business, getting a new look and movin’ on!


21 Feb

I’ve been MIA from blogging. Focusing on my family and our health. I cannot wait until spring. Seriously. Michigan winters are getting old with 2 little ones. My husband closed one store and they’re moving the other store to a better location. Crazy. Busy. Times.
Hope you’re doing well.
Don’t miss out on Made and Made by Rae’s Celebrate The Boy this month. Hop on over to either blog and check it out!
See you in March!

Peaceful snowfall

4 Feb

The last few days my kids and I have just been sitting in the window.  Staring.  Not saying a word.  Taking in the beauty of the moment.

What beauty have you been taking in?  Take a moment.

Sewing Library

3 Feb

Eye Candy



Put those two things together and you have my sewing stash.

I also enjoy purchasing and supporting other small businesses on etsy and bloggers who sell patterns.  They’re not as beautiful in their drawer, but hey, I like supporting other people living out their dream.