5 Dec

I’ve tried a few different patterns for headbands and I really like them, but…….

they don’t work so well when you’re trying to cover up a shaved head after brain surgery.  After trying different patterns with gorgeous fabric & buying out Target of the plain kinds, I’ve found that a simple jersey knit cut about 4 inches in width.  I wrapped it around once, a simple loop through and around the top with both ends.  So simple, but it works great!  I’m going to cut some, and send them to the nurses at the hospital.  The white gauze isn’t too fun to go home in and hats don’t always feel so comfy.

Another headband (pictured above) is a favorite of mine that I actually made (and took a picture of) before I even knew I had a tumor – ironic, eh!

What can you create/do to give to others?


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