Pattern Review – The Pod Swaddler

9 Dec

I purchased The Pod Swaddler pattern from etsy.

Some things I liked:

  • It comes by email in pdf form.
  • In addition to the pattern she gives instructions on how to swaddle the baby and the benefits of swaddling. Making a few extra copies, they would be nice to give with the gift of the swaddler.
  • The instructions are full of pictures, hints and great details.
  • She recommends fabrics and has it laid out really well.
  • It was cut out and completed in an hour (give or take a few minutes as I was back and forth with the tv and hubby).

A few things I would change:

  • At first glance I wasn’t too excited about the hand-drawn pattern and having to tape it together. Compared to other patterns where I have to tape it together ~ this was set up very well. I didn’t have one problem (hard to say for a different pattern – more on that pattern a different day.)
  • (UPDATE -APRIL 2010-They have changed the pattern and made it on the computer as well as a few design changes.  They offered the updates for free to any previous purchases!)

I like the way my swaddler turned out.
Now if only I had a baby to slide in it & try it out. Mickey Mouse fit well though 😉
Don’t be put off by the hand drawn pattern – this is a great purchase.
The first picture has one swaddler that is cut out and waiting to be sewn.


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