Aaah! Last minute Christmas

18 Dec

I’ve been trying to wrap up my Christmas to-do list.  One thing on that list is a white elephant gift (I’m NOT a fan of this game with my in-laws).  Last year we decided to wrap up specifically USED items and trade them around.  I took a bunch of Bath and Body Works lotions, sprays, soaps (mostly that have been opened) and put them in a cute basket.  When I arrived with my gift I soon found out that other had broken the rules (especially my FIL who put in $20). Myself, my MIL and my SIL were the only ones to follow the rules.  Needless to say our gifts were the laughing stock of the day.  I like to follow the rules so I was a bit frustrated to be teased so badly and have the game go on so LONG – yes, with 15 gifts I’m sure we went well over an hour as the 3 brothers fought over changing the rules until they ended up with what they wanted.  The only good thing about this was that I ended up with my husband’s grandmother’s teapot that his mother used to have displayed in the kitchen….now it’s displayed in mine!

This year I decided no matter what the rules are, I’m doing “my own thing” and making something.  I just found some ideas today looking through blogs.  I may do 1 or 2 of these things and hope that I end up with my own gifts =)

Dollar Store Crafts – Kitchen Towel

Little Birdie Secrets – Kitchen Towel

Ruffles N Stuff – Jersey Knit Scarf

Are your experiences with this game better than mine?  I hope so!  I’m not used to a bunch of loud 20-30 year-old men….I grew up the youngest of 3 girls – we’re loud in our own way, but….

More than anything ~ I hope as we’re all rushing around in our craftiness that we remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas. I know I need to be reminded of this daily.


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