Pattern Review: Mod Kids Kyoko Pattern

23 Mar

I had a blast sewing this pattern.  I started on Friday night and finished Saturday morning (of course sleeping for 7 hours in between, so no, it didn’t take me 16 hours =)  I didn’t have my measuring tools do draft my skirt for the Kitschy Coo – Cool Girls Sew Along, so  I did this dress while my husband worked late.   As soon as I find my camera I will post pictures….can’t find it since we came back from our Orlando/Epcot vacation.  I know it’s around here somewhere! (Please note: this is my personal opinion – I do not get paid/free stuff in any way.  I just like to share my awesome findings with people who like to sew like me!)

Things I loved:

  • The pictures and simple instructions!  I loved being able to look at the pics as I went along and know that I was right on!
  • It’s fun to have the different options in such a simple design.
  • I love the look of it and the ideas of fabrics to use in the pattern booklet.  Sometimes I can get “stuck in a rut” and the pics really help you get your creative juices flowing.

New Things I learned:

  • I learned how to put bias tape on dresses without having the extra seam.  They taught this very well!  I love this new trick!
  • I made my own bias tape with the little gadget bias tape “folders” from the craft store.  I used to fold over, iron, and fold over again.  This is well worth the $4-$8 you’ll spend.  What a time-saver!

Learn from my mistake:

  • When doing the bias on the sleeves, make sure you’re thinking through it correctly and don’t put it on backwards the 1st time!  =)
  • If you’re moving and half of your sewing items are at your inlaws don’t send your seam ripper and measuring tools over….keep them at home.  On a positive note  I found that my cuticle cutter worked well to take the extra stitches out!  Who knew!?

Things I changed/will change next time:

  • I made my sash reversible with a different fabric on each side.  I thought it would be fun to switch it up.  Plus, if I make another dress for her 3T size, I’ll be able to use the same sash (unless I give it away of course!)
  • I think I may do some french seams when I choose not to line it again.  I love the clean look of them.  (Only when I’m making them when they may be a bit roomy and that’ll tighten them up a bit.)
  • I finally used a pattern correctly and didn’t cut up the original…I used the pattern/tracing paper and loved it!  It took some extra time, but now I obviously have the pattern to use for the other sizes.
  • I wish that they would’ve hinted more closely at how much bias tape you would use for the different sizes.  A little annoying having so much tape left over when I didn’t need it!

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