Patty Young & Mod Kids Phase

29 Mar

So I’m obsessed right now with Patty Young’s designs (for Michael Miller) and patterns.  As you know, I sewed up the ModKids Kyoko last weekend.  I just read through another pattern last night that I plan on starting when my husband takes off on one of his guys’ weekends disc golfing.  (30 somethings hiking and throwing disks around the state.  It’s been a tradition for years that they get to keep going, only now they’re leaving wives and kids behind instead of just dogs….Anyway, I digress….) I’m planning on sewing during the evening once Eliana gets to bed.  Maybe I’ll snag some of her delicious new designs from the local sewing shop – Field’s Fabrics!

Check out her blog here.

My next pattern to sew is the Ava!  I have some fabric that I just pulled out of my stash.  I’m a hoarder of fabric and have a hard time cutting into my favorites!  Now I’m at the point where I have to use what I have before I buy more (well, maybe a few yards won’t hurt)  =)

Ok, and isn’t this Julia Skirt adorable!?


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