New Stroller!

15 Apr

I’m so excited!  My new stroller came today!  I had been stalking craigslist for weeks when I came across the one that “had it all” in an online store.  (I know, I didn’t buy it locally, but there just aren’t the options like this where I live.)  I was looking for a light jogger (face it, on my long runs I’m not going to push 2 kids) with lockable wheels that are underneath a kick plate.  Eliana can climb in and out of it (when she’s not locked down with the 5 pt. harness) and it even came with a rain cover and pockets galore!  Now I want to try it out, but I’ll need to borrow a 2nd kid as mine is still growing in belly.  Oh, by the way, it’s the Valco Tri-Mode Twin EX.  The others that were on my list were the Bob Duallie, the Baby Jogger Summit -double, or the Bumbleride.  I found this stroller on sale and had to snatch it for the price I found it for.  It’s one of those things that I’ll get my money out of in a few years (and I’m pinching pennies and selling things on Craigslist.)

Sorry this post had nothing to do with sewing or crafting, but I wanted to share my top 4 picks for double baby strollers that will be put to the test.


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