Summer Dress

1 May

I made a dress for my niece’s Birthday yesterday, per request of her mom.  I don’t know why, but anytime I make anything for my husband’s side of the family it takes me 4 times longer than normal.  My SIL picked out the fabric last year and I sewed it together (finally!).  I wasn’t a fan of the 2 fabrics together so I attempted to do a unique thread choice (wrong choice!) late at night.  That’s my problem – late night sewing after an exhausting week!  I read somewhere that you shouldn’t cut out patterns late at night, but should just stick to the basic sewing when you’re tired or you’ll make mistakes.  I’m thinking that I need to be a morning/afternoon sewer (ha!  I never noticed that word before!)

Anyway, I used Habitual’s free pattern (you have to email her to request it now).  After going over my poor thread choice with pink thread I like it a lot better now.  I attempted to add a ruffled flower (these need work!), but can

take it off if the SIL doesn’t like it.

Well, the weather’s gorgeous, and the hubby’s calling, so have a great Saturday!


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