Baby Boy Quilt Top

5 May

Done!  Well, maybe.  What do you think?  I’m not so sure about the 3 red bordered blocks.  As I was picking it out and even as I laid it out, I liked it.  Now that I sewed it all together, I’m not the biggest fan of the red border.  Does it look Christmasy?  I’m going to do a brown polka dot border to finish it off.  Now’s the time to make any changes and I’m not sure if it will always bother me.  I could really use your help!  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

By the way, this is the pattern from Oh Franson I wrote about earlier this month.  I’ll do my full pattern review when I’m done, but so far I’d give a big thumbs up!

Today I picked up the free motion quilting foot from the dealer, so I have a few days to practice quilting with it before I make a final decision on what to do with the red.

Update – 6/22/10

I’ve decided that this will not be the nursery quilt, but rather than pulling out a million stitches (and my hair in the process) I’m going to finish the quilt and just have an extra one.  =)  With these fabrics, I think I would be better off with less choices and a different pattern.  I love the pattern, just not with such busy fabrics and bold choices as these.  I’m thinking that a teal or a cream would’ve been a better main choice.  Oh well, live and learn!


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