Sewing Room Setup: How to Fold Fabric

2 Jun

I’ve been setting up my sewing room again.  For awhile I was “kicked out” as we were trying to keep our house staged to sell.  After months of taking over the kitchen table and being frustrated with not having a spot to run to any extra 5 minutes I have, I have taken over the spare bedroom again.

Before I move in with my stash!

The bad part (for my husband of course) is that I have since found more inspiration and ideas for my room.  He used to own a Furniture Restoration business and has acquired a ton of awesome pieces that need to be refinished.  2 items I’ve claimed for my room need to be refinished.  He knows that I’m antsy, so he’s promised a month.  That seems like a long time to me, but not for a full-time local business owner trying to keep up with his pregnant wife and toddler on the side!)  The next few weeks / months I’ll post progress on the messy room and how I’m getting things organized and decorated.  I’ll share my tips and inspirations with you along the way.

Today, I’m folding away.  I’ve looked up and found a few good tutorials on how to fold fabric.  Check them out below:

How to fold fat quarters at Kootoyoo.  She has a video and explains it well.

How to fold fabric yardage at Living with Punks.  (It’s funny that she posted this today, because I was thinking of the same thing =)

Update – check out this post on putting your fabric on bolts!

It makes you want to find cabinets to display the beautiful stacks, right!?

Here’s my progress so far.  I’m still using plastic bins until the furniture is ready.


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