Maternity Tank – Upcycle

11 Jun

I wanted to share with you my upcycle adventures with my big preggo body.  I’m larger much larger with kid#2 than I was with #1.  (That’s probably why these and just a few others are the only preggo shots I have with this kid.  Sorry junior!)   With that comes the fact that none of my shirts cover my belly anymore.  Since I had a tank I had gotten super cheap last winter at Old Navy and another one lying around, I decided to chop and sew and see what I came up with.

Don't look at my unmade and very messy bed!

What I started with...


Mid-Process Planning. Maybe I should've stuck with the tie by the neck rather than the ruffle.

Less than an hour later I ended up with this:

Yep, should've stuck with the tie to elongate my body rather than add one more round/circular item.

hmmm....think I need more support 😉

Not a favorite.  Could’ve planned it better, but it covers the underside of my belly and is comfy.  Tomorrow I’ll share my t-shirt turned cardigan upcycle.

On a side note: My husband was at a The North Face meeting with the rep to order items for next summer.  He made a comment when he got home that they had tanks similar to this.  Kinda fun, eh!?


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