Car Seat Cover

24 Jun

So I decided that I would recover my car seat.  I know some of you are worried about the safety of the car seat with covers, but I am using the original padding/cover, I’m just ripping it apart and using new fabric to jazz it up a bit!  I’m actually following the $3.99 tutorial on how to recover your carseat from puking pastilles on etsy.  I know, some of you don’t necessarily need the tutorials to rip things apart and create a pattern, but I wanted to see what it was like and someone else’s ideas.  Reading through it most of it is pretty basic, but I like someone thinking through the things to remember rather than doing something and having to go back and redo it because I didn’t think through something completely.  I think it will definitely be worth the $4.  I’ll give a complete review and let you know if I run across something that I did differently.

So, off I go to clear my mind and rip seams.  It’s been a crazy few weeks and I just need some time to myself.  =)


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