Maternity Tank Dress Upcycle

10 Jul

I’m obsessed with taking the maternity tanks that don’t cover my belly in month 9 and making them into dresses. I finished one in under an hour the other week. I didn’t take before pics, but it started out as a black tank and a dress that cut straight across the chest with an odd black top to it. I took a seam ripper to it and used the bottom half of the dress and attached it to the tank.
A few notes to remember when doing this –

  • Knits work best unless you’re going to use a zipper.
  • Use a knit friendly stitch (my machine has one specifically for knits) or a serger for best results.
  • Leave a little more than your normal seam allowance on the bottom of your tank when cutting it off.
  • Make a belt to go along with it, cute when you’re preggo and when you’re not anymore!

I’m leaving the dress as is, rather than hemming it shorter in the back to make up for my belly in the front. Do what you want, but I’d rather have a straight hem on my dress after the baby comes.

I put one together last night too, but am adding a bit more “pizzazz” to that one.  I’ll post it later.


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