I Spy Swap at Crafterhours

15 Jul

I’ve been wanting to do an I Spy Swap for some time.  1 – I could never make it in time before they were “full”.  2 – I was concerned that half of the squares would be of a lower quality fabric.  If I’m going to spend the time making a quilt, I want a high quality quilting fabric.  There’s a big difference in fabric qualities out there.  That’s where Crafterhours comes in.  They’re doing a swap and I made it in!  As of right now, there’s still room.  The requirements are posted here.  My favorite part is that I know the quality of fabric is there!

Joining the swap, I joined Flickr.  I’m not only learning about how that site works, but also about Spoonflower.  I didn’t if you clicked on “shop” that you still had to watch out, because it may not be for sale.  A little confusing.

Oh well, I’m learning =)  Now I’m heading outside to play in the kiddie pool with my toddler (who at the moment is obsessed with throwing perfectly fine toys away – anyone else have that problem?)


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