“Nesting Phase”

28 Jul

Oh the countdown is continually to tick down until baby D comes in a few weeks.  I’ve been sewing like a mad-woman trying to get things done before he comes.  I’ve made some more upcycled maternity dresses, pants from Anna Maria Horner’s new book, making baby hair clips and getting prepared to free motion quilt my baby’s new blanket.  Oh, and finishing up more swaddlers for my baby and as gifts.  Wheh!  I can’t sleep, so from 10-midnight I find myself ‘slaving away’ in the craft room and getting some restful time to myself.

I will post pics and reviews where needed in the coming weeks.

Today I’m working on:

  • a list of things for the wonderful person taking over my job when I’m on maternity leave.
  • helping my hubby who just had knee surgery yesterday.
  • keeping up with my toddler daughter who has decided that she can get out of any pack ‘n play with ease.  Goodbye crib, hello toddler bed.
  • scrubbing the 2nd half of the kitchen floor.  I love the smell of orange pine sol!

Oh sleep, I know that you’re months away, but please come to visit me tonight!  Unisom you have become a great friend, but not one I can stick with forever.

Hope you’re enjoying your crafty days of summer and I look forward to be able to spend more time with you when I get a bit of time off from work to share all of the fun things I’ve been working on.

Oh and 1 more thing….have you checked out The Budget Mommy’s post for cheap camis?  $2 starting tomorrow!  Check it out here!


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