Sewing Room: Progress??

12 Nov

I’ve blogged a bit about sewing room inspirations (you can find them under the categories drop down menu to the left) and the fact that I need to organize mine.  I need to have a little patience with myself with so much going on.  Here are a few pics I took 3 weeks ago.  I’ve done a bit more to it, but not enough.

I am drooling over Anna Lena Land’s studio!  (obviously not hers below =)

Do you see the desk?  It’s an antique railroad desk that’s been sitting in the garage.  It was not this pretty before my husband just refinished for me.  It was stripped, sanded, stained and finished.  He even put the eco-friendly finish in the drawers so no old smells/stains get on my fabric.

I have my scraps and fabric folded in the drawers.  The desk will eventually be put perpendicular to the wall for an ironing/cutting surface.  I have now cleaned out the antique wood file cabinet (since this pic) and filled it with fabric/projects in progress.

Why is it that things always look worse before they get better?


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