It’s tough but everyone’s gotta do it….

10 Jan

Decisions, Decisions….

Scary, really.  I have been MIA, not doing much crafting over the past 6 months once baby #2 came.  I felt overwhelmed with working at home with my kids.  I tried to become more scheduled and organized but how do you get a 2 year old and 4 month old to cooperate every day?  =)  I love my job.  I coordinate the birth-5th at my church and love it!  However, the time has come when I have to make a decision.  As my family has been growing so has the church….both awesome God things, but with that comes a choice.  Am I going to put my kids in day care full time (nothing wrong with that) or stay home with them and resign (still a huge job).  My husband and I decided together over months of tears and excitement and more tears and fear of the future and prayers and tears and excitement (get the picture of the ups and downs!?)….that I would resign and be a stay at home mom focusing on my family and being healthy both spiritually and physically.  Whoah, what a hard decision.  I give moms all over props for making this decision either way.  It’s a crazy time that guys will just never understand.

I figure that I’ll share with you my struggles and joys over the next weeks, months, years.  Wanna join along?  Walk with me.  I know I’m not the only one that sits down at my sewing machine and dreams, prays, listens to God.

I’ve not just resigned from a job, I’ve resigned from trying to control my life.    I need to trust in God in ALL things!

How do you make hard decisions?  What questions do you sit down and ask yourself?  I’ll share some of mine tomorrow.


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