I <3 Farbenmix

21 Jan

Image from Sew Mama Sew Blog - click photo to read the article!

So my obsession with Farbenmix (and patterns) has become worse since early this morning when my 5 mo. old decided that it’s too cold to sleep (aside from the million sleep sacks and throwing the heat up to an unknown degree in our house).  Did I mention I live in Michigan and it’s COLD in January?  Not Canada cold, eh!?  But, cold none-the-less.  Knew we should’ve skipped that vacation and threw more insulation in the walls.  I.digress.quickly.

Farbenmix.  European crafting trends.  Sew Mama sew did an interview yesterday which got me thinking (drooling) again.  It’s a bit more expensive to get things so I try not to tempt myself.  Being content in all circumstances, right!?  I mean, really, check out this adorable stuff on etsy.  The trims, fabrics, ribbons, all adorable.  I purchased some ribbons awhile back and hoarded them.  Lost them.  Pulled my hair out.  Cried.  Ordered more (with hubby’s permission).  Smiled.  Found old stash.  Smiled even more.  =)

Now, if only that would work for every favorite item I have and don’t want to cut into!

Look at this site from Germany.  Pink.  Blue.  Green.  Matroshka.  Birds.  Hearts.  Teal.  Be still my heart.  Love the bands too.  Can I just have these images flashing on my digital photo frame please?

What’s your style?  Obsession?

Did you see that the new color trend of the year is Honeysuckle (pink!)

I’m so excited, afterall, pink is my signature color!


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