Mommy Meals

24 Jan

A friend of mine is expecting her second girl this March.  Aside from sewing a blanket from my hoarded Amy Butler “Love” stash, I wanted to help organize meals.  A lovely friend of mine did that for me when I was expecting my son this summer and it was brilliant!


It’s a way for you to organize and help friends sign up for meals (new parents, surgery, etc.).  There’s a calendar, easy ways to get the word out and it’s FREE!

My friend can login and see who is bringing what.  I just set it up last night with the following notes that people see when they go to sign up:


(my name and email)


(Mommy’s name and email)

Drop off meals here:

address & a link to a map!

Preferred drop off time:

4:30 – 6:00 pm

Special instructions:

Drop off the meal in the “magic cooler” left at the front door. If the cooler’s not there, that means that they’re up for you to say hi for 5 minutes! If it’s there it may mean that baby is needing some extra attention and they can’t make it to the door. Please mark any dishes with your name or use foil to avoid confusion – you know “mommy brain” =)If you’d like to drop off a freezer meal ahead of time, please sign up for a date and then just drop it off earlier than that date. That way we know how many meals are coming! If you’re having issues signing up online, email (me) your name, phone, dinner and the date you’d like. I’ll sign you up.

Number of people eating:

Adults: 2   Kids: 1

Favorite meals:


Meal dislikes:

Not the biggest fans of onions and peppers & no seafood for Kate =)

Allergies or dietary restrictions:


Love it!  My friend is happy and now we’re just waiting for baby girl to enter the world!

Do you have any favorite recipes you like to make for new moms?  Any to share with me?  I’m thinking that I may help some people (myself included) with some new meal ideas.


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