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Sewing Library

3 Feb

Eye Candy

Put those two things together and you have my sewing stash.

I also enjoy purchasing and supporting other small businesses on etsy and bloggers who sell patterns.  They’re not as beautiful in their drawer, but hey, I like supporting other people living out their dream.


Sewing Stash Organization

25 Jan

You can check out my “sewing room” category posted to the side with other links and my personal (lack of) progress. Just thought I’d share Smashed Peas and Carrots’ post today.

Happy Organizing!

(I will have to do more today as my hubby keeps pushing me.  Hey, I’ll take the help!)

Sewing Room: Progress??

12 Nov

I’ve blogged a bit about sewing room inspirations (you can find them under the categories drop down menu to the left) and the fact that I need to organize mine.  I need to have a little patience with myself with so much going on.  Here are a few pics I took 3 weeks ago.  I’ve done a bit more to it, but not enough.

I am drooling over Anna Lena Land’s studio!  (obviously not hers below =)

Do you see the desk?  It’s an antique railroad desk that’s been sitting in the garage.  It was not this pretty before my husband just refinished for me.  It was stripped, sanded, stained and finished.  He even put the eco-friendly finish in the drawers so no old smells/stains get on my fabric.

I have my scraps and fabric folded in the drawers.  The desk will eventually be put perpendicular to the wall for an ironing/cutting surface.  I have now cleaned out the antique wood file cabinet (since this pic) and filled it with fabric/projects in progress.

Why is it that things always look worse before they get better?

Sewing Room: Inspirations 2

25 Aug

Another quick blog post as I’m spending time with my toddler and newborn =)

I ran across Pleasant Home’s Sewing Room Inspirations the other day and keep going back to look at the pics!  My husband said that he would finally finish my sewing table!

Also, just finished cutting out my 5″ squares for the ispy swap with crafterhours!

Update – 11/12/10 – found another studio at Anna Lena Land.

Sewing Room: Buttons

7 Jun

I found the sweetest stash of antique buttons at a garage sale the other day for $3.  It contained all that you see here:

I even found the container at another garage sale for $2.  Now I just need to put the rest of my buttons in there too!

I just looked up more tilt bins and found some here and here.