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21 Feb

I’ve been MIA from blogging. Focusing on my family and our health. I cannot wait until spring. Seriously. Michigan winters are getting old with 2 little ones. My husband closed one store and they’re moving the other store to a better location. Crazy. Busy. Times.
Hope you’re doing well.
Don’t miss out on Made and Made by Rae’s Celebrate The Boy this month. Hop on over to either blog and check it out!
See you in March!


Snow & Fever & Christmas Craftiness = Craziness!

2 Dec

No, I’m not talking about Snow Fever (which my husband has every year – his favorite season is winter – but that’s another post!)  I’m talking about a toddler who was up all night with a fever AND it’s freezing cold outside!  Poor thing’s now sitting in the living room watching The Polar Express in 3-D without the glasses.  Yes, I know, it’s pathetic.  The other version is somewhere to be found on another day.

Well, I’ve been compiling a short list for Christmas ideas this year.  You can find it at the top of my blog under links to other ideas.  You have to click the second page option that shows up below. I have lists of lists.

Even.  More.  Pathetic.

Ask me how many things I’ve made for Christmas this year!  Not too many.  Oh well, Christmas isn’t about the gifts anyway.  I’ve had to purchase things from the stores, but have gotten some good deals.  I digress.

Hopefully if you’re reading this you’ve found the time to make some Christmas presents from the heart.  Check out these awesome blog tutes from the page above.

Happy December 2!  Back to Kleenex and poopy diapers x 2!

So, I’m leaving you on a happier note of a healthier day!

Knit Scarf for Toddler

20 Oct

I fell in love with the scarf posted at Living With Punks.  I decided I’d try one of my own.  It was a cute idea and very quick to make.  I did it in an hour during naptime.  Afterwards we headed to the pumpkin patch!  =)

Cloud9 Drool

22 Jul

So if you’ve been here for awhile you know my obsession with Cloud 9 Fabrics.

Check out Sew4Home’s Box Pleated Pillows Tutorial.  They used the new line that I’m planning on quilting with for the master bedroom!

Update –

Check out these pillows (free download from Quilt Mag) and this quilt pattern from Kate Conklin (Who is now one of my favorite quilt people to follow along with Oh Frannson!)  I already purchased the pattern!  Now I’m just waiting to see if I’ve won the fabric!

Ruffle Fabric

8 Jul

I ran across this post at No Big Dill where she shares a quick idea/tutorial for ruffle pants for kids.  I was fascinated by the pre-ruffled fabric she was advertising.

Here are some links to ruffled fabric. and Harts Fabric and Christine Johnson Patterns (almost sold out in 1/2 yard increments)! sold out

Update: I made 1 toddler skirt here.

Update #2:  Purchased more ruffled fabric from JoAnn’s clearance section.  Also saw some the other month on clearance at Hobby Lobby. Not sure why it’s on clearance, but I snagged some more!   I made a Christmas Stocking with my black and white.  I also am planning on making a t-shirt for my toddler using it on the sleeves.

There’s also a shirt tute here on me sew crazy.

& a dress at Make it and Love it!

A purse at Me Sew Crazy (and a dress too)