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Time to Move

1 Mar

It’s time for change, time for a move.
I hope you’ll join me!
I’m heading over to
Where I’m starting my etsy business, getting a new look and movin’ on!


Sewing Stash Organization

25 Jan

You can check out my “sewing room” category posted to the side with other links and my personal (lack of) progress. Just thought I’d share Smashed Peas and Carrots’ post today.

Happy Organizing!

(I will have to do more today as my hubby keeps pushing me.  Hey, I’ll take the help!)

Decisions in the face of uncertainty….

13 Jan

We all make them daily.  Some are bigger than others.  What decisions are you making and what questions do you ask yourself?

I’ve been asking myself the question -will this matter 100 years from now?  Thanks, Reggie Joiner – who states – “The only thing that will matter 100 years from now is a person’s relationship with God” – eternal perspective.  Hmmm….so I can use this question when dealing with simple daily decisions (do I really need to buy that?) to the bigger decisions (stay at home mom).  This was one of the factors in making my decision.  Again, nothing wrong with going to work, but for my family this what needed to be done.   My husband owns a local gear shop for hiking, etc.  With long hours, crazy schedules and sometimes weeks without a day off, I needed to make the decision to stay home with the kiddos.  Now I’m able to actually sit down and color with my 2 year old instead of dragging out the paints and ‘distracting’ her so I can work from home.

So, to go back to my first question, What decisions are you making and what questions do you ask yourself?

Pattern Reviews – Coming Soon

12 Nov

I’ve been MIA in my sewing room as well as on my blog. I have a bunch of sewing reviews to post over the next few weeks.
Some from Amy Butler, ModKids, Anna Maria Horner and more. Stay tuned.

Just sick over Ribbon!

18 Jul

I’m just sick about losing my ribbon. I ordered some FARBENMIX ribbon from Etsy. Some of the cutest ribbon I’ve ever seen. A few were even discontinued. I received it a few weeks ago and since then have lost it. I had kept it together in the shipping bag until I got a glue gun to make some cute hair clips.
In the meantime I’ve cleaned up clutter around the house, and am not sure what happened to it. It could’ve been any of us in the house since my daughter is obsessed with throwing things away right now. My husband and I have been pulling out of the trash, pans, toys and anything else she gets her hands on. Oh well….maybe it’ll show up. If not, such is life and I’ll save up to get more =)
Happy Sunday!